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Web Technology is the important subject of the Computer & Science Field. As we all know, Web means One kind of hypertext which helps us to make operating system over the internet. WWW means World Wide Web which is also another word for it. Simple Website can create by using HTML (Hypertext Markup Language). CSS is used for the basic level and high-level Designing Of the website.
Web Technology Subject includes Basic learning of this HTML, CSS, JAVA Script, and etc. It also Includes session and cookie management. PHP is also an important part of Web Technology. PHP is simple Server-side Scripting Language which used for web development. So, Freestudy has all kind of important information and topics related to this subject are available. Moreover, this information is available in the form of point to point format. We hope it will increase your knowledge regarding this. Also, All kind of Suggestions accepted kindly. Thanks for visit... Keep Visit...
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